V.I. Equipment is a trusted source for new, rebuilt, and used Caterpillar excavator parts. We are 100% committed to providing you with quality Cat excavator parts across Canada, the USA and worldwide.

Whether you’re interested in our supply of used, rebuilt, or new Caterpillar excavator parts, the team at VI equipment is always dismantling a variety of construction equipment and different models of Cat excavators for their parts. We have a large inventory of Caterpillar excavator components and attachments for sale, so click on our Cat excavator models below view the parts for sale for each model.


Buying Caterpillar Excavator Parts

Our experienced team is specialized in excavators and they can provide information about our used excavator components for sale and recommend parts and equipment that will best suit your needs.

Caterpillar excavators are reliable and durable construction equipment that are easy to maintain. Founded in 1925, Caterpillar is among the leading manufacturers in construction equipment and provides versatile machinery with top performance and fuel efficiency. Cat used parts also hold their value longer than many other brands, so choosing used Caterpillar excavator parts is more economic than purchasing new ones and you can still have a great quality equipment. After all, buying recycled excavator parts not only saves you money, but it’s also a green alternative to buying new.

Our Caterpillar rebuilt excavator parts are set to factory specifications and are professionally tested, using the most advanced industry technology.

Our Caterpillar excavator part inventory includes:

Cat excavator arms Cat excavator arm cylinders Cat excavator booms
Cat excavator boom cylinders Cat excavator buckets Cat excavator bucket cylinders
Cat excavator cabs Cat excavator computers Cat excavator engines
Cat excavator final drives Cat excavator hydraulic cylinders Cat excavator hydraulic pumps
Cat excavator grapple Cat excavator idler assemblies Cat excavator main pumps
Cat excavator pilot controls Cat excavator propel devices Cat excavator propel motors
Cat excavator swing motors Cat excavator swing gear boxes Cat excavator thumbs
Cat excavator tracks Cat excavator track adjusters Cat excavator travel motors
Cat excavator travel devices Cat excavator valve banks Cat excavator control valves

Shipping to USA, Canada and Worldwide

In addition to our competitive prices on excavator parts across North America, we also provide low-cost shipping to Canada, USA, and worldwide. Our used Cat excavator parts are in great condition and will get your equipment back to work for less money.

We Stock Components For Many Models of Cat Excavators