VI Equipment Worldwide Distribution

     VI Equipment is a global distributor of rebuilt, used and new excavator parts for Hitachi, John Deere and Caterpillar. Our facility is located in Western Canada, north of the Washington border crossing. Shipping costs vary, but we guarantee you the best rates available. We ship in large volume, and we receive discounted rates. We also shop around to save you money on shipping. For our US customers, we pay all customs and border fees. We ship within Canada and across the USA every day, and we also provide parts to international customers on a regular basis. Contact V.I. Equipment to save money on excavator parts anywhere in the world.

Global Shipping
V.I. Equipment ships excavator parts across the globe daily, throughout the USA, Canada and beyond. We offer fast worldwide shipping, at the most competitively shopped rates. We ship all major excavator components, including excavator arms, excavator arm cylinders, excavator booms, excavator boom cylinders, excavator buckets, excavator bucket cylinders, excavator cabs, excavator computers, excavator engines, excavator final drives, excavator hydraulic cylinders, excavator hydraulic pumps, excavator idler assemblies, excavator main pumps, excavator pilot controls, excavator propel devices, excavator propel motors, excavator sticks, excavator swing motors, excavator swing gear boxes, excavator tracks, excavator track adjusters, excavator travel motors, excavator travel devices, to international clients.
International Shipping Destinations
We offer low international shipping rates, so please contact us for a shipping quote today. We ship excavator parts to any global destination, from the United States and Canada in North America, to Central America, Mexico, and South America. VI Equipment ships overseas to Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Australia and New Zealand. Please contact us for the best international shipping rates.
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To save money on quality excavator parts shipped internationally, V.I. Equipment is a trusted industry expert. We provide global customers with competitive pricing on excavator parts, and ship to all destinations. Don’t pay more for excavator parts from a dealer. Browse now!